Monday, June 8, 2015

A Grad Guest/Scrapbook Keepsake Album

I am so proud of this Boy....

This is my nephew Nicholas who graduated this last week!! He has had many obstacles thrown into his life but he never lets them stop him! His curiosity of the world reminds to stop and count my blessings and to truly appreciate all the wonder around me.

For his grad my Sister asked if I could make him a scrapbook with his Senior photos, his Grad photos and I also suggested we make it into a guest book for his celebration, having each guest add a bit of life advice for him as he joins post school life.

Here are some pics of the finished Project. 

I made cards from Bazzil smooth cardstock and this great Magenta Stamp, that everyone added their advice to the book with!!

The rest of the book is a huge hodge podge of product that I had on hand!! See having a great stash can really pay off!

Monday, March 23, 2015

My new project!

One of the best things about my life and what I do is all the amazing people I have come across and have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with. I really feel that this is the greatest blessing in my life. It lets me do crazy projects like this one. I was looking into getting involved in more art shows and an Idea struck me that I had enough amazing contacts and know how to just arrange one for myself. Of course I like to do good whenever I can in my life so I partnered up with an amazing cause as well to help give back. 

I am hoping you will all join me for an incredibly fun night, a drink, and a chance to buy art from local emerging artist, and take part in a few ways we are raising money and awareness for 
the Hope For Haiti project.  

Sunday, February 15, 2015

I was very conflicted to be asked to join this blog hop this month. Happy to have been a part of this amazing adventure, sad that it is over.

Here is the challenge:

After some thought and consideration, the time has come to retire Inspiration Elevator. But before we go, we need to hold a big retirement party, so we've invited everyone who's been involved with Inspiration Elevator back for one last reveal, and to our delight most were able to accept! We are so delighted to have so many IE alumni along this month! Thank you to each of you for helping us end our elevator ride with so much fun and creative energy!

This month's challenge is posed by one of IE's co-creators and team admin, Ann.
This month's challenge is simple, but I hope, challenging as well. 
Here's the challenge: Inspiration Elevator launched on May 15, 2012 and at that time, we explained our purpose as, "Welcome to Inspiration Elevator! What a thrilling day! Today is the launch of Inspiration Elevator (IE), a challenge blog created by my dear friend Christa Uttley and me. We chose the name Inspiration Elevator because it is our intent to raise our creativity to heights through challenges issued every month. We want to raise our designs from the ordinary to the extraordinary. We hope you'll join us on our journey!

IE is a group of like minded scrappy friends who want to raise the bar in their own creative process through unique challenges that we issue to each other once a month. These won't be run of the mill challenges and we hope you'll join us each month and be inspired by the creative designs we've created." 
That vision has remained unchanged over the last (almost) 3 years. The challenge this month is to just create - no holds barred. Take some time, or challenge yourself to do it in 1/2 hour if time is tight, but think about what you'd like to create if there were no agenda, no design team requirement. In other words, create for you, and enjoy the process!
We hope you'll take the time to hop through and visit each of our participant's blogs, beginning with our guests, then our current team, and finishing off with our co-founders. Feel free to leave comments and lavish each one with appreciation for all that they each brought to the Inspiration Elevator challenge over the last 3 years!

 Here is my layout and I need to say I found this challenge very hard. I am definitely a person who works better under some constraints. I guess the biggest change would be that I grabbed old stuff, new stuff, stuff from many manufacturers and I used it all together.... and unlike everywhere else where I meticulously keep track and annotate every item used in making the layout I did not do this time. So no materials list with this one, because when you are creating for the sake of creativity the materials don't matter, just enjoying the process does.

  I also wanted to say a big Thank You to the girls of Inspiration Elevator for their amazing efforts that made this a great Inspiration in many scrapbooker's lives. You girls ROCK!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Magenta Design Team Post

I am really excited to announce that I have been asked to Join the Magenta Stamps Design team and yesterday was the first post that went up with my Art work.

You can see that post here:

I thought it would be fun to give you a video tutorial of how this came together. It's a half hour long lesson so grab a cup of something and enjoy.

Here are the Magenta Products I used:

Monday, November 24, 2014

First ever ART ADOPTION!

Each painting is like a child to me and when I think of selling them its more like I think of them going to new homes where they will be loved. This painting is looking for a new home so I thought I would try something art adoption. 

This piece is up for adoption today:

Night Blooms
24 x 30 inches
original mixed media on canvas

Here is how it works: Simply email me your bid and tell me in a few lines about what this piece says or means to you and why you would love it. From those emails I will choose a winner, or should I say a new home for this painting. Shipping will be extra and on top off the bid price.
Bidding closes: Nov 26th at 8pm MST