Friday, August 1, 2014

Creative Crossover-Part Two

It's the second of our Creative Crossover Event posts today and Karen and I are featuring:

I love spending a few hours mono printing papers and the techniques that you can do with this tool are endless. I am focusing on some basic beginner techniques. 

I am using Liquitex acrylic paint as my medium, but you can use a variety of paints and inks with this tool. I recommend making sure they are water based. 

My other supplies are a brayer, wet wipes and a water spray bottle
I also have a stack of mediums to print on; book paper, music sheets and a stack of coffee filters that I have ironed flat. Coffee filters are one of my favourite mediums to print on for adding to my art and journal projects. They don't warp, dry quickly hold a lot of medium well!

 I start by adding small drops of paint onto the gelli plate

 I then use my brayer to spread and mix the paint
 I then laid down a stencil over the paint and added a second colour, smoothing it out with a brayer.

I lifted off the stencil, smothed out any spaces on the red that needed it.

I then placed a coffee filter over top and gently smoothed it with my hand.

 I lifted off the filter paper and I had a great edgy print!!

You can clean off the residue on your plate with a wet paper towel, but I often just add more colour right on top. This add to the layered look. Here I added black paint with my brayer.

I then added a piece of swirly chipboard and then placed a coffee filter over top. Usinf a colffee filter lets me press the paper around the chipboard.

 I then lifted the paper. You can see the left over red paint dots in the swirl.

 You can often get more then one type of print from each set up. Here I took off the chipboard and was left with this swirl. I could print this, but I wanted to add more interest.

I used my brayer to add colour over top.

Look how pretty this second print is!!

I love when a new toy, lets me use an old toy in an inventive way. I pulled out my foam stamps that I had from days gone by.

I put the colour on my gelli plate with a brayer and then stamped into the paint with the foam stamp. I wipe off the paint from the stamp before each continual stamp. The stamp lifts off the paint.

This is the first print.

This is the second print. I can't tell which one I love the most!!

I made a whole bunch of papers, and cut them all to a 4x6 size. I then used gell medium to attach them to a canvas. 

 I saved the trimed bits to cover the edge of the canvas. 
I love this piece of art and every time I look at it I see something new.

To see Karen's post and cool techniques, and a link to buy a Gelli plate (because you will want one!!!)  Check out

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sketchy Challenge

I love summer, it gives me a bit of time to get caught up on doing things I love, like scrapbooking. I headed over to the Canadian Scrapbooker website for a little inspiration. Do the same and you could be published!!

This is this months Sketch!

Here is my take on it! I used Fancy Pants paper and stickers, 3L adhesives and Montana Marker ink. These adorable picture were taken by my dear daughter Brittany. They are so adorable!

Speaking of Canadian Scrapbooker, Friday is the registration day for the Calgary and Edmonton Carnivals!! You don't want to miss out on these events! I am teaching three classes at the Calgary event!
An art journaling class and two layout classes.... Here is the link:


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Here's a little something fun for the summer!Karen Ellis and I will be posting 3 "Creative Crossover" inspirational tutorials on how we use our supplies in our art and various crafting projects.  These projects will be summer inspired and will be posted on our blogs on the first of the month - July, August and September.  We hope you join us, try out some of the projects and have an artful summer!

Happy Canada Day! I can't think of a better way to celebrate then to kick off this little project with one of Canada's most talented and my dear friend Karen Ellis. How much more Canadian can you get then two Canadian Girls? One from Alberta, and one from Ontario, this time both tackling one of my favourite standby crafting supplies......Sharpie pens! 

For me summer is all about the camping, and one of my favourite little creative projects to take camping is Zentangles. It doesn't require much....just pens and paper! I wanted to try and figure out a way to create a bunch of tangles that I could then incorporate into my art journal later. I decided to create my Zentangles on sheets of tissue paper that then could be incorporated when I get back.

I started by creating a pretty basic tangle on my sheet of tissue paper. I used Sharpies for this for a few reasons; one they won't bleed when I add water or mediums to them, I love that they write so smoothly and come in a variety of tips, but most of all it is because the tips wont break off!! I used black here, but I think I am going to try some with colour on my camping trip this week!

I then tore up my sheets of Zentangles and using Gel Medium I added them to my art journal. I then sprayed Prima Color Bloom Sprays over the top and to finish added a little saying!

It's a quick page, perfect for a little summer creative break!!

To see what KAREN ELLIS did with Sharpies check out her blog!! : /

Monday, June 16, 2014

Inspiration Elevator!

I was asked to guest design for Inspiration Elevator this month and the topic was one that I actually get asked about often as a writer/designer for a magazine. I want to thank them for asking me back!!! Please follow the links to the other girls blogs there is some amazing and inspiring work there!
Here is the challenge....

Welcome to another month of Inspiration Elevator!

Our main purpose here at IE is to challenge ourselves, each other and YOU to take the creative process to the next level;  to inspire growth and change in our scrapbooking beyond the mundane.
You can see all of Inspiration Elevator's previous challenges at our blog and catch us on Facebook and Instagram (soon!) too.

This month's challenge is issued by the innovative Michelle Hernandez. Michelle's style is about telling the story with a clean and simple, yet artsy approach, an awareness of current trends, and garnished with her use of chipboard and often neutral colours. Here is her challenge for us, in her own words:

The challenge for June 15th is- make a public scrapbook page. You are making a page to go up at work or to give away to a family member to put up in their space. In your blog post you will tell us how knowing this page isn't going in a book or in your home changed your style. Did you go all out and make something that is 3D? Did you suppress your love of a particular color or product? How do you feel about the page being public- outside your regular audience of scrapbook lovers who read your blog or open your books at home?
Here's a complete list of this month's participating designers!  We encourage you to check out each designer's creation this month, then come on back and give the challenge a try yourself!
We have a couple of regular artists taking a summer hiatus and look forward to the return of Joanne Burton and Christa Uttley in the fall.
Meantime, if you've wanted to participate as a guest designer with Inspiration Elevator, just contact team lead, Ann at ann jobes at bell dot net 
Now it's your turn to get creating about art you share publicly, and share your blog link at the IE blog. We would love to see what you were inspired to make! 

Now I am not going to actually create a new layout but share the stories behind sharing a few of my past published layouts in Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine.

This layout is about my oldest daughter and her boyfriend at that time. They were together for over a year but only in high school. I knew it wasn't going to be a "forever thing", yet I loved this picture and I wanted to document this important milestone in her life. I was very careful to choose a title that wasn't over dramatizing and committing them to marriage, but did capture how crazy close these too were. I also tried to balance the ironic paper, with grungy elements to make it more teen friendly. In the end she wasn't too embarrassed and her boyfriend actually asked for a copy of the magazine to keep. They have since broken up, but i know one day when she looks at her album as an adult she will be glad to have this reminder of their time together, and not too embarrased it was shared with all of Canada!! I hope!

This layout was one that I received the most feedback about in all the I have ever published. (PS: Thanks for the emails and comments ladies)

Its about my struggle with Bulimia and my weight. I put it all out there. It was very risky and a bit scary. Weight acceptance and issue are a hot topic in society. Many people still judge others who are bigger then themselves, and many people still judge themselves for being bigger then others.

When I choose product for this layout I choose burlap. It was very symbolic. When I was in my teens, I was only a size 7, but I was very curvy and pretty and a friend said it didn't matter if I wore a burlap sack, because boys would notice me anyways. A few years and a few pound later a very catty girl in a bar told my boyfriend he might as well be dating a lumpy sack for how awful my body was ( I was only a size 14 at that time). Either way for me, burlap very much spoke to me about my body.

For those interested here is the original journaling on this page:
I am often in the company of groups of woman and, as it usually does, the conversation ends up at place where we start discussing our weight. “These jeans make my butt big”, “I am trying this new diet trend”, or the inevitable “I want to lose this weight so I can do “such and such””.
I don’t participate in these conversations…I don’t judge anyone for their beliefs and I am the first person to applaud someone’s weight loss! I know how hard it is. Yet.. I am a
My story is long and complicated but to help you understand here is the short version. I come from a long line of big women. I spent my teen years terrified of being overweight. I wasn’t! I looked for a picture to show you, but in the few I have, I am wearing baggy sweaters and/or hiding my body. I was ashamed of my size 6-8 body. I was unhappy. I WAS BULEMIC.
When I was pregnant with Brittany I gained a huge amount of weight, and due to severe pre and postpartum depression and my genetic makeup the weight didn’t just slip off me. I was so unhappy and I spent the next few years feeling inadequate and unlovable.  I tried every diet, exercise and I yo-yoed my way through life.
Life through me a few curve balls and my focus switched from myself to a few more pressing things and when all was said and done I looked up and I realised how much time I wasted before trying to make myself “perfect”. It wasn’t an overnight thing but I slowly began to realize that I had a lot to offer the world and none of that was dependent on my size.

My life changed, as did the people in it. The “so called friends” who politely told me I was “Too fat to wear a swimsuit in public” fell away. New friends that saw my other talents, whose lives were too full of good things to worry about petty stuff began to support me…and I them. I don’t judge someone on their size. My friends are all sizes. Why would it be ok for someone to judge me that way? For the first time in my life I truly stopped caring what others might think and now when some says something to me about my weight I think about how small and insignificant their life must be for that to be a measure of how much they like someone or themselves.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Makeing Over Art

This 12 x 12 canvas is a remake of a canvas that I created for Canadian Scrapbooker Magazine. I loved the original project but the colouring doesn't work with my house, so I wanted to reuse it.

I started by giving the original a good coat of gesso.

You can still see a bit of the original colour showing through. I then added scraps of paper and ink. I even stamped an image from Unity Stamps onto my book paper and cut it out and added it with gel medium.

Material used: Liquitex gesso and gel medium, Clearsnap Mixed Media ink and Surfacez inks, scraps of paper, Unity Stamps, charcoal pencil.

For those of you who were following my Supreme Scrapbook Tournament posts... my final outcome was third place! I am over the moon happy with that. They are accepting sign ups for the next one right now. I challenge all scrapbookers with a blog to join up and try it out. I found the challenges really inspired me and pushed me to try new things.

here is the link